With companies slowly returning to the office and co-workers re-acclimating to shared spaces, there has never been a more crucial time to invest in team-building and company culture.

Sourced Craft Cocktails has a ton of educational programs and tasting menus for in-person, virtual, or hybrid working situations. If you want to reinvest in your company culture, show appreciation for your team's hard work, or rebuild the personal relationships that might have suffered during quarantine, we've got a team-building activity that's right for your business needs.

Sourced Craft Cocktail has a unique approach to delivering world-class cocktails to all types of corporate events, but after this past year, we recognize how important it is for companies to rebuild their cohesiveness. That's why we've come up with several team-building options for companies who are looking for entertaining ways to pull their teams together in a fun and delicious way.



From the Sourced Craft Cocktail team to yours, we've developed four entertaining and delicious team-builders that will make a cohesive bartender squad out of your team:

  • Shaken and Stirred

    • "The cocktail version of chopped". Our mixologists teach the fundamentals of mixology and then break everyone into teams for a fun team-building competition. The reward comes when they taste each other’s creations. If you’re a fan of “Chopped” or similar shows, this is the event for you.

  • Agave Happy Hour

    • As the name implies, this is an agave-centric cocktail course on the differences between tequila, mezcal, and sotol. They are far from the same, and each delivers a specific taste and quality to a cocktail. Become agave pros with this class.

  • Whiskies From Around the World

    • If Winston Churchill was still alive, this is the class he would choose. In addition to learning how to make some fantastic whiskey cocktails, you’ll also develop a little knowledge about the different distillation processes and qualities of various bourbons, ryes, and scotches. 

  • Bramble Bar

    • For those of you who don't trust a spirit that they cannot see through, we have the Bramble Bar: an exploration into clear beverages like gin, vodka, rum, and tequila. For some cocktails, a clear beverage is essential to achieve the correct taste and color. Your staff will learn to make a masterful cocktail using the taste pallets from various types and brands of clear liquors. We predict that you'll achieve both unity and deliciousness in the same instant.


Benefits of Choosing Sourced Craft Cocktails for Your Team-Builder

Sourced Craft Cocktail is a member of the communities we operate in. We partner with businesses to assist them with their summits, seminars, events, and fundraisers. We also recognize that communities are comprised of individual teams. The more your team bonds, the better your business performs. The better your business performs, the more our local economy improves. We want you to view our team-building events as tuneups for your group. Here are some of the benefits to Sourced team-builders that will keep you coming back.

  • We supply everything you need – You tell us how many people you have in your group and which event you'd like to host, and we'll do the rest. We will bring alcohol, mixers, garnishes, Sourced high-quality, branded reusable cups, plenty of jiggers for mixing, and ice. We just need able bodies to attend the class. 

  • We guide your team through the paces – Our professional mixologists love teaching what they know. You will have one of our bartenders leading the group. For larger groups, we may have an additional mixologist walking around and assisting. 

  • You control your event – We provide the structure for the event with regard to discussing the cocktails and showing your team how to prepare drinks. However, you're in charge of the team-builder messaging. If you would like to choose a moment to address the troops, we only ask that you let us know so that we can offer up the podium. 

  • No one left behind – Sourced Craft Cocktails focuses on fun and inclusion. No one is left out when we're mixing cocktails. The mixologists who host these events are trained to notice if someone falls out and will help get them back in the fold. This is still a low-pressure activity, but everyone will feel welcome and included. 

  • A Great Time – No matter how you look at it, you're ultimately a group of people who generally gets along attending a cocktail party. It's very difficult not to have fun with Sourced team-builders. Your workers will enjoy the process as much as they enjoy the drinks. 

Schedule Your Next Team-Building Event with Sourced

If you're interested in hosting a team-building activity for work that you want your co-workers talking about for months after, call Sourced Craft Cocktail. Our corporate event solutions promise new skills, delicious tastes, bonding, and fun. Call today.