Returning to the workplace workplace after the past year is a mix of excitement and apprehension. Welcome your team members back to an onsite or flex workplace with a special gift — craft cocktails!

We are excited to invite you to The Parlor Club — a cocktail subscription service built for a return to in-person workplaces. Schedule a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscription, and we'll deliver two of our ON TAP craft cocktail growlers filled with your choice of our premium cocktails, made with fresh-squeezed juices, homemade syrups, and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

You and the team can enjoy a variety of flawless cocktails for any company occasion with the easy pull of our ON TAP handle. It's exactly what you need to get your team inspired to return to work.

To learn more about Parlor Club service, fill out the form to the right, and someone from the Sourced team will reach out.


How the Parlor Club Subscription Works

The Parlor service is an ideal solution for any manager or staff member tasked with catering a regular meeting. Sourced Craft Cocktails will learn your schedule, whether that’s weekly, every two weeks, or monthly, and deliver our delicious products before your meeting. The subscription comes with two GrowlerWerks uKeg 128 oz. Draft Cocktail Infusers, sealed bottles of alcohol, the non-alcoholic mixers you choose, and a supply of reusable high-quality Sourced cups. Our delivery bartender will then prepare the beverages, so all your attendees need to do is fill their cup with ice and pull the tap. If you have any leftovers at the end of your scheduled event, the growlers will keep your cocktails fresh and delicious for about a week. If you want to change your drink of choice or mix it up, just let us know ahead of your scheduled delivery date.


Benefits of Becoming a Member of the Parlor Club

The biggest advantage of joining the Parlor Club is the convenience. Very few companies can serve world-class bespoke alcoholic beverages at their events. If you want to achieve this level of quality, you’re usually relegated to moving your meeting to a bar where they have the full setup to serve custom cocktails. Of course, you will pay a hefty premium for drink service at a restaurant or bar and may not receive as good of a cocktail. Additionally, unless you rent out a room, you will be sharing the space with bar staff, patrons, and whoever else shows up. There’s also a high level of distraction as each attendee orders their own drinks. When you become a member of the Parlor Club, you’re in control of the agenda, and you can serve drinks anywhere you’d like. If you have an after-hours meeting, for instance, everyone can come in and pour drinks before you get down to business. If someone wants a refill, it’s no more disruptive than pouring a glass of water. Additionally, the cost per drink is about half of what you’d pay in a bar.


Is a Parlor Club Subscription Right for Your Company?

We want to serve cocktails to the world, but we also believe in serving responsibly. We will be dropping sixty cocktails off at your work, and then you’ll be responsible for their distribution. If you have a young staff — meaning that most of your employees are below the legal drinking age — you may want to consider other beverages. At the very least, you should have some non-alcoholic alternatives available for younger employees and those who would prefer to abstain. Additionally, we require someone to be on-premise to take delivery of our products, so as long as you expect someone to be at the workspace at the time of delivery, the Parlor Club can work for you.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Parlor Club

If you’ve never used mobile bartending services before, we want to make sure you’re comfortable allowing us to cater for your regular company events. If you don’t see your question listed, reach out and contact us. 

Does Someone Have to Stay at the Meeting to Mix Cocktails?

No. One of the advantages of the infusion growlers is that your drinks are ON TAP. All that your attendees have to do is put a cup under the spout and pull the handle. 

Once We Subscribe Can We Change Up Our Drink Orders?

Yes, but all of our drink mixes are made fresh and to order, so please provide us with advanced notice if you’d like to try something else. 

What if Two Growlers is too Much Alcohol for My Regular Event?

Because the growlers will keep your alcohol tasty and fresh for up to a week, you can let someone take them home (as long as they bring the empty infusers back), or you can allow your staff to have an after-work drink in the office the next day. 

What Is the Average Price Per Drink?

After the initial meeting, where the cost of the growlers is included, cost-per-beverage runs around $4 to $5. We also bring a fresh supply of cups with each delivery, so you have minimal cleanup. Your attendees can take their cups home or keep them as reusable water cooler cups to cut down on waste. 

Is There a Way to Try the Service Out Before Subscribing?

Yes. The Parlor Club is only one of the services we offer. We are able to cater a single event or even deliver to one of your homes. If you’re considering the Parlor Club and just want to try out how the infusion growler machine works, you can shop ON TAP and order a small growler (15 drinks) or one large growler (30 drinks) and then just use it for the Parlor Club.


Sourced Craft Cocktails for Your Company Events

Sourced Craft Cocktail has several packaged options for corporate events. If you do not have a regularly scheduled event you’d like us to cater, please check out our other private party bartending services, including Virtual Cocktail Parties, In-Office Cocktail Hour, and Team-Building events. Order today!