Hosting a weekly happy hour for the office or looking to celebrate a team win with a toast to a job well done? Sourced Craft Cocktails takes all the work out of hosting your next event by bringing the craft cocktail experience to you. We provide the bar, professional mixologists, premium spirits, fresh juices/syrups, garnishes, glassware, and ice to create a stress-free experience that will allow your team members to engage with one another with fun onsite experience. To find out more about our award-winning happy hour in-person services, fill out the form to the right and someone from the Sourced team will reach out to you shortly.

Sourced Craft Cocktails In-Person Events

Many Sourced Craft Cocktails fans first learned about us through our in-home cocktail delivery service, but our roots are in the catering industry. At Sourced, we are collosol fans of the types of craft cocktails that you could once only get in the best bars. We were tired of attending weddings, corporate events, and other affairs where a “cocktail” was comprised of a cheap plastic cup filled with well-brand liquor, soda poured from a can or two-liter bottle, and maybe a wedge of lime. We knew that we could do better, and we did.

We recruited some of the best mixologists available to help us develop our ever-evolving recipes. By creating our Sourced cocktail mixes, we knew that we could deliver high-quality, delicious craft cocktails to nearly any type of in-person event. 

Sourced Can Serve World-Class Cocktails Nearly Anywhere

What is the one advantage a full-time bar has to an event venue? The bartenders can leave all of the liquors, mixers, and supplies at the bar when they go home every night. When a standard catering company goes to a venue, they have to bring everything with them and haul it away at the end of the event. Sourced Craft Cocktails has to do this too, but we have it down to a science.

Sourced Craft Cocktails brings it all to your event, including:

  • Premium spirits that are carefully selected for the cocktails that you order. 
  • Fresh juices and syrups, mixed to Source’s specifications. 
  • Fresh fruits from local suppliers for garnishes.
  • Our Sourced high-quality, reusable cups, which your guests can keep if they choose. 
  • Ice so that you don’t have to worry about running out.

Skilled mixologists will deliver and serve the drinks on bars that they bring with them. 

The advantage that we have over other drink services is that our clients select the drinks that they will be serving their guests, and we bring the ingredients necessary. You can actually tell your guests in advance that your event will be featuring Bulleit Fall Old Fashioneds or Havana 

Club Cuban Margaritas, for example. You can even have multiple offerings from the dozens of options on our menus. There are limitless options. 

Sourced Craft Cocktails Hosted Events

We are happy to come to any type of event, set up a bar, and wow your guests with our tasty libations, but we’ve also come up with several ideas to help you with your planning. Here are some of our featured packages. 


Virtual Happy Hours

Platforms like Zoom, Meets, and Teams have made it possible for employees to work anywhere in the world. Your office may have work-from-home employees, hybrid employees, and fully remote employees. How doe a manager keep the team together when no one is ever in the same office? A virtual happy hour. One of the services that we offer is cocktail delivery to homes. With virtual happy hour, we deliver kits to any employee on your list who lives in our delivery zones — don’t worry, there are a lot of them. The kits include liquor, the mixers they’ll need, garnishes, a jigger to help them measure, a cup, and directions. At the appointed time, you all meet one of our mixologists on a zoom channel, and we start mixing. When everyone has properly prepared their drink, and not before, we raise a glass in a toast to the team. Don’t worry: our kits make more than one cocktail. This is a bonding event that will get your remote employees talking and laughing. 


In-Office Happy Hour

When did happy hour become so complicated? You have to pick a date and location that works for everyone. Half of your staff has to run home first, and then, once they’re there, some don’t come back. If you’re hosting, you already know that the check will be way more than you budgeted for, and you’ll have some uninvited guests drink on it. Our in-office happy hour works just like it sounds. You pick a date, give us a headcount, and choose the cocktails you want us to serve. We do the rest. A professional mixologist will show up at the close of business — or earlier if you request it — and they’ll start serving drinks. We bring everything your employees need to enjoy a bespoke cocktail after hours: alcohol, mixers and syrups, garnishes, Sourced branded reusable cups, and ice. You no longer need to worry about stragglers, drunken strangers, or exorbitant bar tabs. Your employees can hang together in the safety of your workplace. 


Team-Building Programs from Sourced

With the return to in-office work, businesses are looking to rebuild their team and their business culture. Sourced Craft Cocktails offers various classes and team-building events that are bound to hold your team’s interest. We are able to host in-person cocktail classes, online cocktail classes, or a combination of both. Here are some of the specific courses you can choose from:

Shaken and Stirred

Our mixologists teach the team members cocktail-making fundamentals: pouring, measuring, when to mix, when to stir, etc. Once they’ve completed the instructional phase, there is a cocktail-making competition. The reward comes when they taste each other’s creations. If you’re a fan of “Chopped” or similar shows, this is the class for you. 

Agave Happy Hour

As the name implies, this is an agave-centric course on the differences between tequila, mezcal, and sotol. They are far from the same, and each delivers a specific taste and quality to a cocktail. Become agave pros with this class. 

Whiskies From Around the World

If Winston Churchill was still alive, this is the class he would choose. In addition to learning how to make some fantastic whiskey cocktails, you’ll also develop a little knowledge about the different distillation processes and qualities of various bourbons, ryes, and scotches. 

Bramble Bar

Fans of clear spiritous beverages will love learning to use gin, rum, vodka, and tequila in different cocktails. Have you ever wondered why some recipes call for rum and some for vodka? There’s a lot to learn, and you’ll have an expert mixologist on hand to teach you. 


We can, of course, create new classes upon request. Our bartenders have extensive experience and are comfortable with nearly endless scenarios. Share your ideas with us today.

When you consider the other options for team-building events — a ropes course, an escape room, etc. — you’ll realize that these aren’t really about team-building at all. The most vocal employees get louder, and the introverted workers get quieter. Everyone says they had a good time, but if the bond isn’t getting stronger, what good is it? Having a team cocktail party will have your shyest employees acting like cocktail connoisseurs. We’ve seen it happen hundreds of times. It’s not entirely us, though. Alcohol sometimes has that effect on people. 


The Parlor Club

During the Golden Age of Cocktails, aka Prohibition, a parlor or speakeasy was a place where you could sneak away and buy a drink while avoiding the scrutiny of the “prohis” (prohibition agents. The Parlor Club is a planned beverage service ideal for anyone who needs to host a weekly, bimonthly, or monthly event. Our mixologist delivery person will bring two large Growler Werks uKEG machines, which are capable of serving 30 cocktails each. As usual, they will also bring all of the elements required to make your cocktails, our high-quality branded cups, and ice. The delivery bartender will prepare the growlers and leave you to your machinations. This will happen every week, two weeks, or months, depending on your needs. If you need to reschedule, it’s not a problem. If 60 drinks seem like a lot, the infusers will keep your cocktails tasty for up to seven days. You can take the growler home or leave it for the night crew. Just make sure it’s back for your next meeting. 

How Sourced Craft Cocktail Hosting Can Benefit You

No one is as passionate about making a great cocktail as the Sourced team. Few have even tried. If you are responsible for delivering a great time with high-quality drinks to your coworkers, colleagues, and bosses, Sourced Craft Cocktails is the right choice. We have done everything in our power to make this a low-maintenance service for our clients. Our bartenders are professionals at cocktail delivery and fast setup, so you don’t need a lot of prep. On a drink-for-drink basis, our cocktails are much less expensive than inferior mixed drinks you’ll pay for at a bar or restaurant. Sourced Craft Cocktails strives to impress, which will benefit you whether you’re bucking for promotion, closing a deal, or just showing your team how much you love them.

Take a Test Drive with Home- Delivered Cocktail Kits

We are confident in our ability to elevate your corporate events with our impressive array of custom cocktails, but we also know that many of you have never tried us. You may be a little trepidatious about us swooping into your meetings or company events and mixing you some of the best cocktails in the world. Well, if you happen to live in our home delivery zones, you can treat yourself to a little advance sampling with home delivery. Just choose from one of our three home delivery options: Shop Today’s Menu, ON TAP cocktails, or Build Your Own Kit. If you get your order in before 2:00 p.m., you may be able to get same-day delivery. Otherwise, just pick a day that’s good for you. Track your delivery online and just be home during that 30-minute time slot.

When you get your own cocktail kit, you can mix your selected drinks with the ease of adding condiments to coffee. Each kit comes with booze, mixers, high-quality reusable cups, a jigger, and instructions and is delivered in a handy European tote. Our home delivery kits make six to twelve drinks unless you order ON TAP, in which case you receive either a small or large growler that you can keep. We’re confident of two things: you will be a repeat home delivery customer, and you will hire us to serve bespoke cocktails at your company event. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Sourced Corporate Events

With every revolutionary new business model comes a number of questions from their clients. We know you want to learn more about Sourced Craft Cocktails, and we want to answer. If you don’t see the answer to your questions, contact us. We would be more than happy to fill in the gaps. 

Do your drinks arrive premixed?

No. Our ingredients are kept separately until they’re ready to be mixed. Even when you join the Parlor Club, our bartender delivery person waits until arrival to mix the drinks that will fill your infusion machines. That way, we can ensure quality and freshness. Not all cocktails travel well in their mixed state, and we don’t want anyone tasting one of our drinks unless it’s perfect. 

Are you competing with local businesses?

In a sense, we are, but we also recognize our duty to be good partners in the communities where we do business. With this in mind, we buy produce from local growers and markets, purchase our liquor at local stores, and hire staff locally. The bartenders who work in our kitchens and deliver our products usually are doing this as a side gig to supplement their income. Many times, we are hired alongside other catering companies for the drink service. 

What if I’m having a smaller event?

If you don’t believe that you’re going to require our full services, we have several other options geared toward private parties. The Parlor Club is perfect if you have a recurring meeting because all you have to do is put a cup underneath the spout and pull the lever. If you’re in a delivery area, you can also order these growlers ON TAP. Your drinks will stay fresh for up to a week. 

What information do you need if we hire you?

We will need to know how many people will be attending, how many drinks you’d like to serve per person (we can make recommendations if you’re unsure), and which drink or drinks you would like to offer your guest. Other than that, we just need standard instructions, like your address and the time of the event. 

Can I schedule a series of team-building classes? 

Of course. We recommend you switch up the classes if you expect participants to be at more than one meeting. Otherwise, if you are sectioning off a group because it’s too large, you can use the same class for consistency. 

Do the bartenders accept tips?

Tipping is never required nor expected, but if you believe that your bartender has provided excellent service, we don’t want to deprive them of your gratuity. Rest assured that they are paid a living wage, though. 

Why can’t I get a Sourced Craft Cocktail at a bar?

As of now, Sourced is only available through home delivery or at a catered event. This allows us to maintain consistency and quality control over our recipes. The best way to try out Sourced is to order a home delivery package. 

What cities does Sourced operate in?

We are headquartered in Austin, TX, but have delivery and hosting operations in Dallas, New York, Chicago, LA, Washington D.C., Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, San Francisco, Nashville, and Houston. If you see this but live outside of our delivery zones, we apologize and ask for your patience. We’ll be there eventually. We try to keep our advertising specific to our operating markets, so we don’t make other cities jealous. 

Professional Mixologists Hosting Your Event 

At Sourced Craft Cocktails, we have two passions: making cocktails and watching people drink them. Since entering this business, one of our greatest pleasures is seeing how often we get asked back after hosting our first event for a client. Contact us today to bring our amazing cocktails to your company or event.