Craft Cocktails Made Easy

Take all the work and logistical headaches of planning your next live event by having Sourced bring a premium craft cocktail experience to you. We provide the bar, professional mixologists, premium spirits, fresh juices/syrups, garnishes, glassware, and ice to create a stress-free experience that will allow your team members to engage with one another with a fun onsite experience.

Sourced Craft Cocktails Hosted Events

We are happy to come to any type of event, set up a bar, and wow your guests with our tasty libations, but we’ve also come up with several ideas to help you with your planning. Here are some of our featured packages.

  • In-Office Happy Hour

    • You pick a date, give us a headcount, and our team will help you customize the cocktail menu to ensure it fits your event needs. We bring everything your employees need to enjoy a bespoke cocktails: alcohol, fresh squeezed juices, homemade syrups, garnishes, glassware, and ice. We even bring the bar, and the mixologists of course! You no longer need to worry about overconsumption or exorbitant bar tabs. Your employees can hang together in the safety of your workplace.

  • Shaken and Stirred

    • "The cocktail version of chopped". Our mixologists teach the fundamentals of mixology and then break everyone into teams for a fun team-building competition. The reward comes when they taste each other’s creations. If you’re a fan of “Chopped” or similar shows, this is the event for you.

  • Agave Happy Hour

    • As the name implies, this is an agave-centric cocktail course on the differences between tequila, mezcal, and sotol. They are far from the same, and each delivers a specific taste and quality to a cocktail. Become agave pros with this class.

  • Whiskies From Around the World

    • If Winston Churchill was still alive, this is the class he would choose. In addition to learning how to make some fantastic whiskey cocktails, you’ll also develop a little knowledge about the different distillation processes and qualities of various bourbons, ryes, and scotches. 

  • More Events Available Upon Request

How Sourced Craft Cocktail Hosting Can Benefit You

No one is as passionate about making a great cocktail as the Sourced team. Few have even tried. If you are responsible for delivering a great time with high-quality drinks to your coworkers, colleagues, and bosses, Sourced Craft Cocktails is the right choice. We have done everything in our power to make this a low-maintenance service for our clients. Our bartenders are professionals at cocktail delivery and fast setup, so you don’t need a lot of prep. On a drink-for-drink basis, our cocktails are much less expensive than inferior mixed drinks you’ll pay for at a bar or restaurant. Sourced Craft Cocktails strives to impress, which will benefit you whether you’re bucking for promotion, closing a deal, or just showing your team how much you love them.