Corporate Solutions & PROGRAMS

Sourced Craft Cocktail has a menu of programs geared toward organizations looking to keep a strong company culture in today’s evolving workplace. Whether your workforce is completely in-person, remote, or a hybrid of the two, Sourced can bring your team together to create memories that will improve your company’s sense of control, progress and connectedness.

In-person events

01 Live Events

Hosting a weekly happy hour for the office or looking to celebrate a team win with a toast to a job well done?

Sourced Craft Cocktails take all the work out of hosting your next event by bringing the craft cocktail experience to you. We provide the bar, professional mixologists, premium spirits, fresh juices/syrups, garnishes, glassware, and  ice to create a stress-free experience that will allow your team members to engage with one another with a fun onsite experience.

Team-building programs

02 Team Building

Looking for an innovative in-person event that will engage your employees, provide a sense of autonomy, and create a more collaborative environment? The Sourced Shaken & Stirred program is a friendly team-building competition where a Sourced mixologist will teach participants the fundamentals of creating a well-balanced drink, before pitting team against one another in a “Chopped” style competition to see who can craft the most delicious cocktail.

Virtual happy hours

03 Virtual Happy Hours

Think of a virtual happy hour with real cocktails. Sourced will set up a teleconference and allow attendees to select their choice of premium cocktail kits, which will be delivered to their home the day of the event. Sourced will host the first portion of the virtual meeting, providing mixing instructions, an education on the history of cocktails, and any other craft cocktail trivia nuggets during a brief Q&A session, before handing over the meeting to the event’s organizers.

Whether celebrating an accomplishment, strategizing organizational objective, or simply looking to improve communication in a fun, non-formal way, the Sourced Social Series is the perfect solution for organizations that are 100% remote, but still want to invest in a sense of connectedness.


04 Parlor Club

Companies have found that providing drinks in the workplace can actually improve performance. Incentivizing performance, fostering new relationships, and easing high-stress situations are some of the benefits from providing complementary drinks in a responsible way.

Seeing a keg of craft beer in the employee breakroom is becoming more and more common at companies looking for popular ways to reward their workforce. But what happens when an employee doesn’t enjoy beer?

Last year, Sourced launched its ON TAP cocktail growler, a craft cocktail dispenser that pours a professionally-mixed premium drink with such the pull of a tap handle. Like the modern-day milkman, Sourced can schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly refills that will provide your staff with access to some of their favorite cocktails. Whether your office observes flex scheduling or is 100% in person, the Parlor Club program is a modern spin on the traditional water cooler.